Where to Find Great Social Media Content When You're Stuck

social media content creation

Stuck again wondering what on earth you'll post about today? Been there. 

Over the years I have found some really great techniques that have helped me maximize my workflow and get over creative writing blocks. Can it really be that easy to create a weekly calendar in just one day? Yup! I know this is possible because I do it on regular basis for myself and for my clients.

Keeping those creative juices flowing all day every day is no easy task but today I will show you some of my favourite ways to source and repurpose content quickly and effectively.

Let's get started! 

1. Feedly - Streams of content at your fingertips!

A longtime industry favourite, feedly should be a staple in any marketer's arsenal.

How to use it: Start by selecting a few topics topics, hashtags, and websites of interest to your brand. Feedly will then populate your dashboard with all of the latest and most trending content create and shared connected to these topics. Quickly sift through hundreds of great blogs and articles and easily add them to your preferred content calendar. 

Why it's great: Having the ability to sort through current and topic-specific content is a huge time saver. Sharing the most influential or shared content is also great because 1) we know it's already shareable and 2) it's great practice to cross-post with similar brands or influencers you want to align your brand with. 

Cost: Free up to 100 sources and 3 social media platforms, $5.41/mo. for Pro and $18/mo. for teams. 

2. CoSchedule - Repurpose your most successful content. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 13.09.03.png

You've probably heard of CoSchedule and maybe already use it but did you know you can use it for repurposing content? 

How to use it: Connect your blog* and schedule posts to be shared across your social platforms as they are published. Use the blog analytics section in your dashboard to select your most successful articles and queue them up again at later dates. 

Why it's great: By connecting your blog to CoSchedule you can automatically share posts as they are published across desired social platforms in a snap. This method is triple awesome because it continually improves the search ranking of your articles, it drives traffic back to your website, AND it serves as extra content in your editorial calendar. WIN! 

Cost: Pricing starts at $40/mo. with one extra user included but you can try the service out for free for one month

3. Trending Topics - Maximize visibility by joining in on the conversation. 

Whether it's a trending hashtag or hot topic in the news, staying current on what people are talking about is an effortless way to take part in the conversation and reach a larger audience. 

How to use it: The key is to use your best judgement. Many topics in the news should be approached with caution and should not be taken as opportunities to advertise. A yoga studio might not want to publicly start a debate on Kylie Jenner's latest makeup release, just as a life coach may want to steer clear of strong political opinions. Ultimately the choice is relative to the brand's objectives. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself "Why this piece?" or "Will my audience benefit from this content?" before deciding to engage.

Why it's great: Joining in on a fun trending hashtag or topic can be a great way to engage with a whole new audience. It can help showcase personality of a brand as well as stir up ideas for outside-of-the-box content. 

Cost: FREE! :) 

4. Partnerships, Ambassadors, Influencers 

Depending on the industry, developing partnership programs or teaming up with influencers can be an interesting approach to creating fresh content. While this one may require more work upon initial setup, the end results can be plentiful. 

How to use it: Know your audience and create a list of influencers who fit your target market. The reach of these influencers will likely decide if compensation should be discussed. Upon reaching an agreement, influencer ambassadors will create content for your brand that can be shared across your platforms. 

Why it's great: This is a fairly popular method of marketing right now. You will see countless examples of this type of partnership across instagram. Content shared by influencers reaches, ideally, a much larger audience that may be interested in your services/products AND new content is created for your editorial content. Double success! 

5. Community Content - Create a contest, movement or tag that community members can use to share their posts.

Similarly to having content generated by ambassadors or influencers, the role of content creation is facilitated by community members who submit their photos or videos highlighting your product. 

How to use it: There are so many ways to create a buzz by encouraging community members to share. A contest or giveaway requiring participants to submit a photo with your product is a surefire way to collect great photos that can later be repurposed. A unique hashtag to encourage a movement is another wonderful way to strengthen the bond of your community as well as gather fresh content. A wonderful example of this can be seen by checking out Wanderlust Festival's hashtag "#FindYourTrueNorth"

6. Repost with Snip.ly - Add a unique call-to-action on interesting content shared from around the web.

Snip.ly offers a simple and unique solution to ensure any external content shared across your social media continues to drive traffic back to your website or desired landing pages. 

How to use it: Sign up for a free account. I highly recommend installing the Sniply extension for Chrome as well which allows you to quickly "Snip" an article you find from the web. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a custom call-to-action. Always be sure to link back to content that is related and true - stay clear of creating "clickbait"! 

Cost: Free to try for 14 days up to 1000 link clicks per month. All plans include unlimited links.

7. BuzzSumo - Find the most shared content on the web.


BuzzSumo is simple and effective tool that allows users to quickly find the most shareable content on the web. 

How to use it: Simply enter a tag, keyword, or sentence and BuzzSumo will scrape the web for the latest and most shared pieces of content ready for you to use. It really is that simple.

Why it's great: Easily queue up a week's worth of extra content in just minutes. 

Cost: With plans start at $79 per month, BuzzSumo is not the least expensive of the bunch it does offer a lot of value, particularly for those who require a lot of content on a day-to-day basis. For personal use I recommend using up the maximum searches and results allowed per day - it's free :) 


These are just a few of my favourite secrets for finding fresh content when in need. I hope some of them help you out, too!

What other tips and tricks would you add to the list? How do you find inspiration when writer's block hits? Leave me a message in the comments, I'd love to hear your feedback!