Create Quote Images with Pablo by Buffer

I'm a huge fan of the Buffer app. It's an incredible time saver and makes creating and scheduling content across multiple platforms a breeze. (I'll create a separate post soon showing you how I use Buffer on a daily basis for my social media management.)

Recently, Buffer released their new image-creating app called Pablo. What's wonderful about Pablo is that you can use it to create those rich, attention-grabbing quote cards everyone loves so much. As you can see, it's also FREE to use! 


Once you create a free account, you'll be taken to the main dashboard which looks a little something like this. I've gone ahead and highlighted some of the key features you should be aware of:

Image Selection (left-hand panel)

You have the option to choose from over 50,000 royalty-free images or you can always upload a photo of your choice. Once uploaded, your selected image will appear in the center of the screen. Take note that you can reposition the image the way you'd like.

Image Dimensions (right-hand panel)

Perhaps most important, you will want to select the social media platform you will be sharing this lovely quote card to. Possible dimension options include Facebook & Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Pro tip: Once you have created one quote card, quickly create and save one for each remaining platform just in case you want to cross promote at a later date. 

Often I will create an Instagram (square) quote card, publish it, then also share it to FB. Choose what works best for you. :)


Pablo provides three layering effects to help you achieve just the look you were looking for. The default filter is a type of darkening layer which will ensure all your text remains legible. The second filter will blur your background image. The third filter will make your image black and white. You can use one, some, or all of these filters to get the look you like. I usually use the default effect to keep my text clear without losing the background imagine. Experiment and do what works for you. 

Text (right-hand panel)

You will see an option to "Add Quotes". Scroll through Pablo's selection of inspirational quotes if you are short on time or feeling less that your most creative self. Tap the image and you can write in your own quote. Depending on the purpose for your image, select the formatting combination that suits your needs. You may add a Header, Body (default), Caption, all, some, or none. I will typically use the default body and add a the author in the caption. Gotta give credit where it is due!

A recent upgraded feature allows users to not only drag quotes around the image but to also extend the dimensions of the text itself. Take a look: 

Branding (lower right-hand panel):

If you are using a smaller screen like I am, you may almost miss the "Elements" design option just above the "Share" button. You can actually scroll down the right-hand panel to view this feature. Here you will be able to upload a logo or additional graphic to personalize your quote card. I highly recommend using this feature if you are looking to keep your branding consistent.


Now is your moment to shine! Hit "share" and select the social media platform appropriate to the one you originally selected. If you already use buffer to schedule content, you'll be to add your new masterpiece to queued content. Hit "download" if you would like to save your content for a later date. 

pablo (1).png

With a little practice you will be creating and putting out fresh, unique content in no time! Play around with combinations and let your creatives juices flow. You will find your style and what receives the best response in no time. 

Do you use Buffer or Pablo? Which other content-scheduling tools do you use for your business or marketing needs? Leave me a message in the comments, I can't wait to hear!