Social Media Tips: Conversation Starters

Do you sometimes feel like you are speaking to an empty room? Do you feel yourself repeating the same story over and over? It might be time to rethink your social strategy! 

What is Social Engagement? 
Engagement can come in a few forms depending on the platform you are using. Some common forms of engagement include likes and comments (Facebook), mentions and retweets (twitter), and so on. Receiving regular engagement is important because it helps you leverage your brand and message to a larger audience.

Handle conversations online as you would real-life social situations. Imagine how it feels to listen to someone talk incessantly only about themselves. How boring would it be to hear the same story over and over again? Be the person who attracts listeners at a party.

Let's get chatting! 


1. Ask Questions

Asking your users what they like or dislike is the quickest, most honest way to find out if you are meeting the needs of clients.

Example: "Which smoothie do you want to see added to our menu: Banana or Mango?" OR "What do you think of our new raspberry scones?" 

2. Behind The Scenes...

As exciting as it is to see the final product, there's something special about witnessing the process. Show your audience a little behind-the-scenes action and they'll love it!

Example: "Did you know all of the herbs we use come from our backyard garden? Here are some seedlings!" 

3. Use Humour

One good laugh a day keeps the doctor away! Humourous material can be a great way to show some personality as well as initiate conversations. How often have you seen a great joke that you just had to share with a friend? Just remember to keep it clean and respectful!


4. Use Inspirational Quotes

It's hard to beat a good quote but try to avoid quote sharing overkill. Keep quotes relevant to your brand and try to incorporate them into current themes (holidays, seasons, pop culture, etc.) Image quotes are particularly powerful as they are more visually stimulating. 

5. Request Help or Advice

People enjoy feeling like their input is valuable. Present situations needing a solution and ask fans to give you their best advice.

Example: "Chris A. wants to know what the best way is to preserve fresh herbs. Can you help him out?" 

Wow, braided Nutella bread! / Photo: 


6. Tell a story through imagery

Sometimes a photo can do all the talking. These types of photos work well for before/after and DIY content, too! 


7. Fill In The Blanks

Always a good one in moderation! Leave it open-ended and let users fill in the blanks. 

Example: "The most exotic meal I tried while traveling was ___________." 



There are endless creative ways to start up conversations with your audience. What would you add to the list? Which tricks have you found work the best? I'd love to hear your ideas!