3 Free Web Photo-Editing Tools

While photoshop is presumably the most well-know and widely used photo-editing tool out there, many of us aren't quite ready to dish out the price of the software let alone learn how to use all of its features. Luckily there are some really great (and free!) photo-editing tools on the web that help us edit pre-existing photos. 

While I do work with some really talented graphic designers, sometimes you just need a simple edit done right now. I believe that it's important to be interested in developing skills that are related to your trade - in my case Social Media Marketing - so that you can work your way to becoming one talented powerhouse! Of course this doesn't mean venturing on a new career path. What it does mean is regularly investing some personal time in researching related skills that could advance your career. Learning the lingo, steps, and tools used by those who work alongside you can be quite beneficial to communication and final results. 

Coming back to graphic design, here are a 3 great web photo-editing tools that I work with on a regular basis for basic edits, collages, and more:  





PicMonkey is a really fun, user-friendly website that allows you to do basically what it tells you. Edit photos, create collages, add overlays to reflect the changing seasons. While you can purchase and upgraded version of PicMonkey to unlock extra themes, etc. the free version allows you to do quite a bit. My favourite features are Corner Rounding (under Frames) and 'Create a collage' for super easy moving and resizing of photo blocks.



Pixlr is pretty comprehensive and is usually my first choice for most basic photo editing jobs. Choose from Pixlr Editor, Express or O-Matic depending on your needs. Editor has similar features to what you may find in paint. Express, is very similar to PicMonkey but with more features. If you love touching up personal photos or adding filters, you'll really enjoy this Pixlr. Remove red-eye, adjust contrast and brightness, airbrush, add your favourite filters, and so much more. 

I find the font options in Pixlr really nice, too. 



This is a neat little site that I discovered recently. If you've ever wanted to blur out faces in any photos, PhotoHide does the trick. While the site is very basic, it works. LunaPic is another popular site that claims to do this same job by recognizing faces but I found it pretty unreliable. After three tries, it failed to be able to recognize some pretty clear photos. Here's a pic I did with PhotoHide - can you guess who it is? :) 

It's Justin Bieber.

It's Justin Bieber.

Jessica GranaComment