How to Create a Successful Facebook Offer

If you have a company Facebook page, creating an offer is a great way to reward current fans, reach potential new customers, track sales, and advertise your brand. 

The trick behind creating a successful campaign is creating an offer that is relevant, enticing, and gets users to purchase your products or services.

Here's what a Facebook offer looks like to users:


Facebook offers work like print & present coupons. When a users clicks 'Get Offer', the coupon is instantaneously emailed to them. In order to claim this deal, a shopper will simply have to present this email at checkout. Offers can be set up to be claimed online or in person. If setting up to be claimable online, a checkout code would be entered upon checkout. (See below for more on this.)

What is also wonderful about Facebook offers is the visibility that is gained each time a user claims a coupon. See below for how an offer appears to a user's network when they claim an offer. Pretty cool! 

Photo: Social Media Examiner

Photo: Social Media Examiner

Choosing an offer

1. Consider promoting periods of the day or week in which your business could use more traffic.
2. Do you have a new product/service you would like to highlight? Try using an offer to get word out! 
3. Seasonally relevant offers are a really nice touch. I highly recommend this.
4. An offer should be time-sensitive. Try not to let an offer run for too long or too frequently as its impact will be reduced. A sense of urgency should be felt by the shopper.
5. What about rewarding purchases? A small gift with purchase or rebate coupon for next visit can go further than you think.

Budget & Targeting

First, decide on your budget. Facebook will always try to set the default high so be sure to verify that your budget it still in tact before you hit 'Create Offer'. Facebook is prone to upping the price through the editing process. I warned you! 

For a small business, a budget of $64 is usually sufficient. Facebook will give you the 'Estimated Reach' depending on the budget you choose. Take note that this let's you know approximately how many people will see your offer in some way, not necessarily claim it. 

Things to focus on: 

  • Demographic: Select the age group you are hoping to reach. A min. and max. age can be set.
  • Are you targeting both male and female users? If so, this is the default. Adjust accordingly.
  • Location: Make sure to get your message out to the appropriate users. 

Other things to keep in mind: 

  • Pick a short and sweet headline. Make it clear what the offer is and who is offering it. 
  • Make sure to note the expiration date. Remember to keep the offer period time-sensitive.
  • Offers can be scheduled for a later date if needed. Choose what is best for you.
  • Set a limit: Want to give away a limited amount of offers? Indicate the max. deals you are willing to give out under 'Claims Limit'. If you have no preference, simply leave it as the default setting and it will run until the end of your campaign.
  • Is the coupon for an online store? Be sure to create a checkout code in the setup process.

Terms & Conditions

This part is especially important if you want to avoid headaches later on. Here are some suggested points to include:

  • Offer cannot be combined with any other coupons, offers, or sales.
  • Offer is applied before taxes.
  • How many offers can be used at a time per person?
  • When is this offer valid until? Ex: Up to one year from now
  • Offer valid with purchase of (product).
  • Discount valid on purchases of ($ quantity) or more.
  • Reservations required.
  • When can offer be used? Ex: "Valid only on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch."

Finally, you can choose to use the default photo that pops up OR you can upload one of your own. Please note that dimensions for the Facebook offers are now 1200 x 627 with the newest link preview.


Have any more questions on Facebook offers? Drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you.

Best of luck creating your first company offer! 

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