Instagram Ads (Sneak Peak!)

Facebook-owned photo sharing mobile application Instagram recently announced that they will soon be rolling the first phase of ads testing. Sponsored posts, as coined, will appear within a user's feed, much like Facebook ads. An algorithm, which takes into account photos liked and accounts followed, will help determine which ads would be useful or interesting to a user. Users will have the option to 'hide' posts that they deem uninteresting or not relevant to them. 

Instagram users will also be able to detect when a post is sponsored as it will be listed as such. Check it out! 

Photo credits to Instagram. 

Photo credits to Instagram. 

Since I manage several company Instagram pages, I am quite anxious for ads to roll out to the public. I am also quite curious about how pricing will be structured. Instagram has announced that first dibs on testing will be given to a several big brands like Levi's, Ben & Jerry's, Lexus, Michael Kors, and Macy's, among others.


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